Don’t miss out on the offer to buy tickets running
between 10am Sat 5 March and 10am Mon 7 March.
Super Earlybird Tickets:
Fri £7.50 (full price £12)
Sat £7.50 (full price £12)
Sun £3.00 (full price £6)
All 3 days £18.00* (full price £30)

between 10am Mon 7 March to date to be announced
Earlybird Tickets
Fri £9.50 (full price £12)
Sat £9.50 (full price £12)
Sun £3.50 (full price £12)
All 3 days £22.50* (full price £30)

*There is no additional discount available for 3-day tickets but buying a 3-day pass will mean you will receive a pass to enter on any of the days without needing to register to enter on each individual day.

You can book to stay at Hendra direct with them at preferential rates.

  • Hendra Holiday Park will be dealing with all bookings for caravan, motorhome and tent pitches direct this year and are offering a reduced price on their regular camping rates if you have bought Beer Festival tickets. To book you will need to telephone 01637 875778 and quote code: BF22, also mentioning, if you wish, that you will be attending Newquay Beer Festival.
  • These rates are available for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights over the festival weekend. The rates are PER PERSON and not PER PITCH as in previous years. For a pitch with electric hook-up the price will be £8.00 per person and without electric the price will be £6.00 per person. Minimum occupancy charged is TWO people and maximum per pitch is SIX people.

  • There are no extra charges for staying at Hendra and facilities like toilets and showers are all a very high standard and serviced regularly.
    Entry to facilities such as the Oasis pool are available at the normal prices. Hendra also do excellent food, especially the breakfast if you wake up hungry and there’s plenty of other food outlets including the ones which will be on the festival site itself.

    Have entry prices risen this year: The answer is ‘YES’ and ‘NO’.
    Sorry to be confusing. Assuming we haven’t already sold out, if you don’t buy tickets until a few days before the festival takes place you will have to pay the full ticket prices shown which will be FRI £12, SAT £12, SUN £6. That’s a £5 increase on how much you would have paid for three day’s entry in 2021 just before the festival.
    However, between 5 March and a few days before the festival starts, there are different levels of savings on these prices which means that they don’t only represent great value, but are often the same or less than was charged in 2021. For example, all one day tickets last year were £10 whilst, this year, our Super EarlyBird one day tickets will be just £7.50 and, after that, our normal Earlybird one day tickets will be £9.50. So these have gone DOWN in price.
    Someone buying tickets for all three days will pay a bit more than last year but we still think this represents great value overall and, don’t forget, we are doing this to raise funds to support local good causes and charities.
    Obviously, with everything that is currently happening both nationally and internationally, what our actual costs in putting on the festival turn out to be come September can’t be accurately predicted. However, we hope that the changes to entry prices we have made help us to be able to keep our drinks prices the same as last year and, with costs we have to pay going up, we’ve decided to make these relatively small changes to entry prices to keep the ‘fun’ part of the festival as reasonably priced as we can.
    We hope that helps.