Newquay Beer Festival 2021

We’re Still On For 24-26 September At Present – An Update

Dear supporters,

Thank you SO MUCH for all of you who have signed up for updates on Newquay Beer Festival and when tickets will go on sale.Here’s the news on our current thinking.

With so many other festivals and events during the late summer cancelling, we need to be as sure as we can that any event we run can go ahead legally, but most importantly, SAFELY. We also want it to be as close as possible to the type of fun Newquay Beer Festival which everyone has come to know and love.

Therefore we have decided on the following:

All our plans to run Newquay Beer Festival for 24-26 September are going ahead and arrangements are being made. Our bands are booked, with virtually all our favourites returning; beers and ciders are being sourced; Hendra Holiday Park are providing special deals for Beer Festival attendees who want to stay over for the festival; and there’s also going to be a very special Gin and Fizz Bar for those who might prefer an alternative to the beers and ciders. Of course, soft drinks and food will be available throughout on the festival site itself and in Hendra’s own food outlets.

Tickets will not go on sale until after 18 May when we are more certain that the Government’s road map is still on course. Because of any COVID restrictions on numbers, it is possible that we may have to make this year’s festival only open to those who have purchased tickets before the event.

When tickets go on sale, everyone who has signed up to get notifications will be given the first option to buy tickets and the tickets available over the first few days will be heavily discounted as a thank you for your support.

We guarantee that all payments for tickets will be either refunded in full or carried over to the next Newquay Beer Festival at your discretion.

So – please sign up below to join us and we will make sure you are the first to know when we release tickets for sale or if there is any other news which we feel you would like to know.

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Lion Andy Hannan -Festival Co-Director.

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